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Call Center Jobs, Clinton, MS

Read the steps below and click on the green button below to complete the steps!!!

1. Create a profile set up a login with a user- name and password.


2. Enter: Referring Agent and ID Number
 Becquelyn Green -1427708

Capture -3.PNG

3. Complete: A Background Check.  Takes about 3-7 days for completion.

Capture -1.PNG

4. Select Client: Register for class. Must take Drug Screening.  (Mandatory!!!)

5. Sign: NDA( Non disclosure agreement. Need this to access client on portal page. Key in ID #813728195-Light House Communications

Capture -4.PNG
Capture -2.PNG

6. Sign:  Affidavit which has to be notarized with a picture ID attached and A Statement of Work form (SOW).  Must complete Affidavit to start class.